Everything we make is designed and proudly crafted in England.

World Class British Craftsmanship

We're passionate about world class craftsmanship, that's why all of our products are masterfully crafted in England by expert artisans. The results that are truly unrivalled, stunning luxury Mens Grooming collections that are built to last. 

Wood Collection "S1"

Individually crafted over several days by our expert British Artisans in our small workshop in Cheshire, England, each piece begins with responsibly sourced, re purposed storm damaged British trees connecting you every morning with our heritage; the Great British countryside and wildlife. Unique and individually made from different cuts of the same tree. 

Every item in the S1 collection is individually crafted over several days by our expert British Artisans in our small workshop in England.

Just like the art of shaving, the sparse woodworking trade is passed down from generation to generation. Our World Class workmanship is hard to come by.

We know the entire story of where the tree for your razor was born, grew up, and how it fell from grace. We can trace your handmade British product to its very roots and every step taken subsequently to masterfully craft your unique product.

We work with the professionals to find the best woods for you. As well as looking stunning, we put each wood through rigorous testing to ensure it has the best attributes to withstand a wet shaving environment. 

Our Chrome Safety Razor heads are individually engraved with our iconic Stag head logo one at a time. We use a local diamond engraver who has been perfecting his craft for three decades and the unrivalled results are magnificent.


The Stag is the largest native land mammal in England. The Stag brand represents quintessentially British qualities. The alpha male Stag leads the herd similar to our steer to a change in the shaving world. Our Stag emblem sits proudly on each Safety Razor head.

Steel Collection "S2"

New in Summer 2019, the S2 Stainless Steel collection is crafted by our expert steelworkers in Sheffield, England. Sheffield was the first industrialised city to manufacture Steel in the world. Hence the city's tagline, "City of Steel".

Expert engineers craft each piece individually, before your razor is then hand polished one at a time. The polished shine is truly mouthwatering. Finally, the iconic "Stag" logo is embossed on the base of each razor.

The S2 Razor is crafted to exact specifications and precise detail. We've perfected razor handle ergonomics.

We've designed the Razor handle with an optimum weight (175g) and length (115mm) that we believe is the perfect balance for a steady hand, this means a smoother shave through less razor "nicks" by relying on the Steel Razor's natural weight for a smooth glide.

Groove sits at the top of the handle to collect water droplets when they first hit the razor head. This means less slippage and more control. 

A design based on the Stag antler; the streamlined curve sits perfectly in your hand. The shape allows your fingers to wrap naturally around the razor handle meaning you're in complete control of your shave. 

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