STAG Beard Comb - Walnut


The STAG Handmade Luxury Beard Comb.

Crafted from handpicked American Black Walnut with a beautiful, contrasting English Ash Inlay.


Carefully crafted from hand picked cuts of durable hardwoods, and handcrafted for spectacular results. We believe we've created the best Beard Comb a Beard can Buy. What’s more, it’ll slip into your pocket and will last you a lifetime.


Available in both:

  •  English Ash with American Black Walnut Inlay
  •  American Black Walnut with English Ash Inlay


We worked with expert designers to add new and unique design features to create a revolutionary new travel-friendly accessory for your beard.


At a lightweight of 40g and dimensions of 3” x 3”, our Comb is large enough to smother your bushy beard but small enough to carry with you for your whole journey, wherever you may choose to take it.


No one Beard Comb looks the same; each with a unique grain, unique colour and character. 


The STAG Beard Comb's unique design features make the Beard Comb what we believe to be the best Beard Comb available on the market today.

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