5 Reasons Why Wet Shaving Is Better.

June 3, 2017


It isn't surprising that in this generation of globalisation and metropolitan lifestyles we Men were being mislead into believing we must sacrifice quality for an expensive so-called convenience.


The Man is fighting back.


The male grooming industry has experienced an unprecedented boom this decade as Men of the 21st century are wising up. Surveys show Men are choosing style, comfort and quality over irritable plastic skin eaters.


So, what is Wet Shaving?


Wet shaving has been practised for centuries. It is a shaving routine often associated with the Gentleman of the past, when Men chose to take care in the feel and appearance of their facial skin. A lost art; the tradition of wet shaving was passed down from father to son for generations.


What do I need to Wet Shave?


The tools of the traditional wet shave include most importantly the Safety Razor and Blades, Shaving Brush, Shaving Bowl and Shaving Soap.


And why is Wet Shaving better?


1) Less irritation; a closer shave


Cheap, plastic multi-blade shaving razors chew up your face in order to shave your whiskers. Electrical shaving equipment can leave redness, razor burn and ingrown hairs.


The Safety Razor Blade used in the art of Wet Shaving is different. It is no coincidence that this is the same blade that has been used by your barber and expert professionals across the world for centuries. It offers a clean, natural and close shave leaving your skin feel smoother and less irritated.


2) Economical benefits


One Stainless Steel Safety Razor Blade costs between 10 pence and 50 pence, depending on your budget and preference, compared with £2 cartridges. On average, Wet Shaving blades are 10x cheaper than mainstream cartridge.


Global corporates have been ramming high mark-up, unnecessarily over-engineered cartridges down our throats for too long. They want you to believe there is no alternative. The revolution has begun and the Gentleman has wised up.


3) Environmentally friendly


Each year, billions of plastic razors and shaving cream canisters hit landfill and seafill. Astonishingly, these products are not recyclable and are poisoning the planet.


We are Leading the Herd in the shaving world:


  • STAG use responsibly sourced British timbers for the making of our Razor and Brush handles, and they are built to last. 

  • Our Blades are made using Stainless Steel and are 100% recyclable.

  • We don't use shaving foam canisters; our Soaps are made in Britain.

  • All of our packaging is 100% recyclable.


4) Healthy body, healthy mind.


It is without question that there is truth in the cliche. By starting your day right with a proper shave that you enjoy and feel better for, you will spend your day feeling rejuvenated and revitalised, more comfortable and refreshed.


5) More fun!


If you don't Wet Shave, that means your morning chore is both tedious and painful. Let's face it, using a plastic toy to cut your face isn't going to make you feel exhilarated.


Now try replacing that plastic junk with your pride and joy - the handcrafted British shaving tool. Learn the art of shaving and enjoy the lathering of your favourite scented Soap. Experience the Stainless Steel Blades glide across your face.


Are you in yet?


Oh boy - your morning shave routine just got interesting. A Wet Shave in the morning will leave you feeling a foot taller every day. Shop now.


For an in-depth guide to wet shaving with your new Safety Razor, we liked this article from the Instructables.