Is crowdfunding worth it? Kickstarter tips and advice

June 24, 2017


The Kickstarter experience

With Luke Whitehead.

Founder of Stag Grooming Company


"Why Male Grooming Products?"


I knew that I wanted something to improve my shaving routine, but I had no idea what it was that would achieve that.


I hated shaving. Most mornings I would skip shaving altogether and spend the day feeling like Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks, Castaway). It was a chore. I took no pride in my plastic razors mass produced in the toxic smoke of the Far East. I was fed up of rashes, burns and graffiti sized canisters across my bathroom floor.


I knew that I wanted a change but I had no idea what else was out there.


I took to the supermarket and found more expensive plastic razors that claimed to do all sorts. It was like the more blades and more gizmos the razor had, the more they charged me and the worse my shave got. I was getting nowhere.


I realised that shaving is actually incredibly simple, but in order to make more money, the big boys had to over-engineer their multi-blade face chewers and completely exaggerate their potential performance.


Fortunately, I stubbled into the world of Wet Shaving and Safety Razors. I was immediately fond of the idea. Turning my morning chore into something I loved?Using products I was proud of that made me feel invigorated for the whole day? S'il vous plait.




My problem was that I couldn't find a Safety Razor that I really liked. I wanted something I would be proud of. Something with a personal touch. We are the country of the Gentleman, why couldn't I find a Safety Razor d