Cut to the point: What are the top 5 best double edge razor blades?

July 1, 2017

So, you've got your safety razor. You're now paying Pence for blades instead of Pounds (or perhaps Cents instead of Dollars, Tomato Tomato). And yes, you'd never go back to chewing up your face with overpriced cartridges, but you're interested to know if there is a blade out there that will badger your brush.


Look no further my fresh-faced friends...


Once you have chosen you're Safety Razor, the next step towards a Wet Shaving haven is choosing the right double edge razor blade for you. It's important to get the same quality from your blade as you do from your razor. 


As we've mentioned in previous posts, you're guaranteed a better shave from any safety razor blade than you are from disposable junk. That said, there is a huge variety in quality and price of blades available on the market today.


Fine, but how have you ranked your top 5 DE blades?


We have tried, tested and reviewed every double edge razor blade for sale that we could find over a 60 day period. We then cut through the stubble and made a short list of the best Safety Razor blades you can buy. 


Unlike other reviews, our table allows you to choose the best blade for you, we also annotate each brand so that whether you're looking for the sharpest, cheapest or smoothest DE blade, we'll give you all the information you need in our top five ranking table.


We've done our research, so you don't have to. If you'd like a little more information and a brief education on the history of the double edge razor blade, we think you may like this article from CoolMensHair


Are there any other blades worth buying outside of your top 5?


Of course.


One of the most wonderful aspects of Wet Shaving is variety. From razors to brushes, bowls to blades, there are thousands of choices out there, and not everyone has the same taste.


It's about the right combination, too. That's why our goal is to bring you the best overall shave so that you don't lose quality in other areas, like your shaving soap and brush, for example.


We all want different things out of our morning shave. Whether that be the smoothest, quickest or best value for money, there's a blade out there for everyone.


Is sharpest best?


Not necessarily, but it can be important.


You may want to focus on shaves per blade, or "durability". What good is a blade if you only get one shave from it?