How To Shave With A Safety Razor

July 12, 2017


What is a Safety Razor and why is a Safety Razor better for your skin?


First things first. The Safety Razor. Otherwise known as the Double Edge or DE Razor, the Safety Razor was the birth of the modern razor. The original razor was invented in 1847 by Englishman William Henson. The Safety Razor later hit the shelves in 1880, revamped to provide a safer shave with the same close cut.


The Safety Razor uses Double edge or DE razor blades and is renowned for being kinder to the skin. This are various reasons your skin is set to benefit, to name a few:


  • The Safety Razor requires less face strokes, leading to less irritation;

  • Cartridge razors of a larger surface area with multiple blades can often irritate the skin. In contrast, the Safety Razor uses one DE razor blade;

  • The Safety Razor by default offers a closer shave, leading to a smoother finish and less irritation.

Learn more about the benefits of wet shaving in another of our blog posts.


How can I prepare for my shave?


Shaving with your Safety Razor is only one element to the Wet Shave. We'll cover these in detail in another post, but in summary here are three steps to preparing to the full Wet Shaving experience.


  1. Apply a hot, wet towel to your face to soften the skin and facial hair;

  2. Apply a small amount of shaving oil or shaving lotion to the face, this will further soften your facial hair and act as a lubricant for your Stag Razor;

  3. Form a lather with your shaving soap in your shaving bowl and apply to the face.

I'm ready, now how do I use my Stag Razor!


This is it. Lock and load. You're punching with the heavyweights. Get your Stag razor at the ready, you're going in.


Step 1: Lock and Load.