Cocobolo: A Central American Luxury Handcrafted Into a British Safety Razor

September 5, 2017


Then there were three...


We're proud of our heritage and the wonderful treasures we have at our own doorstep. That's why all of our Safety Razors are made in Britain by British Artisans using British woods.


We first brought to market the magnificent Yew and mysterious Laburnum Safety Razors, rich with character, history and significance. These woods were carefully selected in order to deliver the best Safety Razor on the market, each with its own striking look and feel.


We wanted to add to our collection. A third Safety Razor, different in class, with even more sophistication. So we took to the sea and set sail for the something extra special.


Que Es Cocobolo?


The mission


Where were we to look? Of course we were FAR from exhausting the wood delicacies that the British Isles had to offer, but we wanted a Safety Razor that offered something different to our current collection.


The criteria


We searched long and far for inspiration to add to our selection. With so many different woods across the globe we searched long and far for something that we believed would stun the wet shaving world.


It was important that the wood we chose had the right characteristics, both aesthetically and ergonomically to allow our artisans right here in Britain to transform the wood into the luxurious handle you pick up that makes your morning better. The wood had to be workable.


We stand by our values. That's why we needed to ensure both that the wood we found was sourced responsibly and that it held the durability required to be best in class. It's important to us that we bring you the best.


The discovery of Cocobolo


The hunt continued. The shortlist was drawn up. Our hairs were on end. But one grain of heartwood stole our hearts and was a cut above the rest. We had found the third wood in our pack. The third Safety Razor in our herd. The Coco in our Bolo.


From the tropics of Central America, we found what we were looking for; El Cocobolo.


So, what is Cocobolo? 


A tropical hardwood, black-red-brown in colour with a wonderfully suttle texture that runs throughout the hardwood, oozing luxury and class, polished to a luxury glass finish to sit proudly in your bathroom.


The Cocobolo is a dense, solid hardwood that is extremely durable.


Because of its heritage of very damp climates, the Cocobolo wood is highly water resistant; a real advantage given its new habitat of the wet bathroom. (For best practice of making your DE Razor last, see our tips here on how to look after your Safety Razor.).


The Cocobolo was a winner. A limited edition beautiful piece of exotic to add to the STAG collection of Safety Razors.


We proudly source all of our woods responsibly.


Does this mean that you're moving away from British Woods?


At the very core of our values is our commitment to an ethical supply chain right here in the UK. That's something that will never change.


The Cocobolo Safety Razor is a limited edition Razor that won't last forever. That means grab yours now while you can for an incredible shave! This is a piece of luxury you'll want to own forever. You can shop the Cocobolo Safety Razor while stocks still last here.


Can I use my existing blades with this Safety Razor?


All of our Safety Razors use the standard Stag Safety Bar head dimensions that are compatible with all standard double edge safety razor blades available on the market. That means that this razor, too, will be compatible with any shaving blades that you have already purchased for any other Stag Safety Razors.