How to choose the right Safety Razor for you

October 21, 2017

So you're tired of shaving irritation, rashes and burns. You've discovered the world of wet shaving and the various different types of Safety Razors. You're asking yourself “How do I use a Safety Razor?” along with “Which is the best safety razor for me?”.


There is a huge number of DE Safety Razors available and it's hard to know which Safety Razor to buy when you're a beginner. Three piece (The same design as our STAG collection), two piece, one piece; wood, chrome, metal; traditional, old school, new school; close cut and adjustable cut, there are in fact a huge number out there, but what does it all mean?


One piece; Two Piece, Three Piece, Fou... Ok, just three piece pieces. But what are the different kind of Safety Razors?


This is the number of detachable moving parts to the razor. The more parts to the razor, the more control you have. Traditional Safety Razors contain three parts to them, and some things are best left unchanged. With full autonomy over the entirety of your pride and joy, you have the freedom to switch blades, parts and give your Safety Razor a real MOT when it needs cleaning. This is why we adopted the three piece Safety Razor model for our collection:


Three Piece Safety Razor



Two Piece Safety Razor 



 One Piece Safety Razor