STAG: A short autobiography.

December 16, 2018



Setting the scene.


It was 18 months ago. Late spring of 2017. A new generation of Stags were being born, as it was Fawning season across Britain. We like to think it was fate (but you must admit it was fitting) that we launched a new generation of luxury British Male Grooming products under the same brand name.


Why Stag?


Quintessentially British, the Stag is the largest land mammal native to England and the United Kingdom. 


The Stag we know is the Alpha Male of the Herd. Our wet shaving collection is designed for the Man; for the Gentleman.


We're proud that all of our products are handmade. From the chopping of the British wood (we choose and source responsibly ourselves locally in Cheshire), to the wonderful working of our handles by our magnificent British craftsmen in our boutique workshop in the same county. We can trace all of our products back to their roots and pinpoint where the wood in your safety razor, shaving bowl or shaving brush once grew. We can tell you about the history of the wood we use in our trees. We can tell you about their origin, their life, their story.  

It seemed only right that our brand would connect you to the rural British countryside, too. The Stag does exactly that. The king of the forest, the Stag lives and breathes the forest it owns.


Finally, we wanted to be dominant in our arena. We wanted to make a difference, lead people away from plastic mass produced consumer-ism (see our guest post on Grooming Mail) and towards the wonderful art of shaving passed down from our grandfathers. Just like the Stag, we wanted to stand tall amongst our compeition and #leadtheherd.


Awesome, so what now?


Fast forward to December 2018, and Stag continues to make a difference every morning to a growing number of Men around the globe. We're a boutique business. We've only one workshop and a small number of craftsman who have mastered the art of woodworking over generations of passion and dedication.


We're living and breathing the Brand.


We started life with one skilled worker in a small workshop in Cheshire. So, artisan craftsmanship became central to our identity. 


We're using quality British materials picked by us. We craft all of our products carefully over days of precision woodworking to the highest standards in the world. Our artisan methods are impossible to reproduce by machine and are the embodiment of true luxury. This artistry, craftsmanship and durability of our wet shaving collection appeal to the connoisseur and set Stag apart from any other Male Grooming Brand in the world. 


We're making a difference, we're leading the herd.


What is the vision for the brand moving forwards?


We're proud of who we are and what we stand for. Our values and our core mission will never change. We believe in the craft we support, the change we're making and the message we spread.


With new product ranges already in decelopment, keep an eye out for STAG in 2019.

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