2017: A Journey in Pictures

January 21, 2018


Shaving; Reborn.


2017 was the birth of our brand and the beginning of a new adventure.


We wanted to look back at 2017 through a lens to give you several snapshots of how we evolved an idea into reality. With your help, we put our first foot forward into shaking up the Male Grooming arena.


It was in the late winter of 2017 when the light bulb flickered. Why is it we now invest more than ever into our appearance yet we neglect the our shaving routine? We undervalue the condition of our skin; chewing our face up with horribly cheap shaving equipment every morning. Shaving was NOT fun,


It made NO sense.


The Answer to the Future lies in the Past.


So what were WE going to do about it?


Well, we were young professionals living and working in the city at the time, with a heritage in the wonderful countrysides of Cheshire. We were guilty of using the all singing all dancing mass produced plastic shaving toys. In fact, our shaving routine was probably a symptom of our lifestyle at the time.


We wanted to change.


The market had stagnated and it appeared the shaving game wasn't moving forward. Yet, people's frustrations weren't being answered and they didn't appear to be any real solutions in the market. Had we gone off road and eventually hit a dead end? We thought so. That's why we put our thinking caps on, slammed the shaving ritual into reverse and went back one hundred years to the art of shaving.



Working late at the dinner table


Somewhere along the road in the last thirty years, proper shaving became a lost art. We had become accustomed to cheap disposable shaving toys that were leaving us with incomplete shaves, irritation, shaving rashes and sometimes even ingrowing hairs. 


We spent months brainstorming new ideas when we realised the answer was always there. We needed to go back to basics. We needed to bring back the best shaving tool in the history of mankind. The shaving tool the corporate juggernauts hate; The Safety Razor - pure simplicity.


The redesign of a classic.