Why the Safety Razor is the perfect Gift for Him

February 1, 2018


Why our handmade shaving collection is the perfect gift for him.


Buying a gift for him has become increasingly difficult, Plastic gizmos and gadgets are so 1990's. Nobody wants a DVD when you have Netflix. Buying a meaningful present for him has become Mission Impossible.


Perhaps it's Valentines Day, Fathers Day, or maybe you're just feeling generous. But when it comes to it, you're stumped for ideas. It's not often you get that look on his face when the wrapping paper is torn away and he sees what he's got. And this time you want the gift to be extra special.


Sometimes buying off the supermarket shelf just doesn't do it anymore. Buying him something he's already got, you don't want this year's birthday present to be forgotten about only to gather dust in the spare room.


But what if you could buy him something that you can't buy on the shelf. Something that was made by hand in a small workshop in the North of England. Something that would make his mornings fantastic again. We think we might have EXACTLY what you're looking for, and more...


Here are some reasons why we think the Stag Safety Razor is perfect gift for him for any occasion:


1. The Ultimate Man Tool.


"What is it!" he asks, as he has only ever been accustomed to plastic flimsy shaving toys from the supermarket.


The Safety Razor is the Alpha of all Man belongings. It's a statement that says both yes, I have smoother, richer and softer skin than you; accompanied by, and I used the sharpest more dangerous of Man's tools to get there.


The Safety Razor has a rich history over the last two centuries.