Introducing the Complete Deluxe Gift Set

July 22, 2018

Our new, entirely handmade and gloriously British shaving set.


The STAG Deluxe Shaving Set



Our masterfully crafted shaving products are built to last.


Something to be proud of; each shaving piece is individually handmade in a small workshop in Cheshire, England over the course of several days. The results are truly magnificent with precision in every detail.



Crafted with British Yew Wood, the 3 piece matching set includes the S1 Safety Razor, Yew Shaving Brush and Shaving Bowl, with a complimentary handmade Shaving Soap.


The S1 Safety Razor


Crafted with British Yew Wood, the S1 razor is part of a 3 piece matching set accompanied by a Yew Shaving Brush and Bowl.