Behind The Scenes: The Making Of

January 1, 2019

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Behind The Scenes.


The Making Of: Deluxe Handcrafted Gift Set


STAG luxury Gift Sets are each individually handcrafted by skilled British Artisans over the course of several days using age old techniques.

No one Gift Set is the same; in this Post we'll be discussing the new STAG luxury shaving gift set, how it's made and why it stands out from the crowd.


Back To Our Roots...


It all began in 2017 in the heart of Cheshire, the North-West of England; a county bursting with British countryside and wildlife, an abundance of history both new and old. We were at home in a place truly rooted in British culture.


We met with an Artisan woodworker who had been perfecting his trade for an entire lifetime. As a wet shaving enthusiast, Steve jumped at the opportunity to produce a long lasting, luxury shaving set made entirely from British wood.


A true advocate for British craft, we worked together to develop the Deluxe Handmade Shaving Set. With various contacts in the woodworking community across Cheshire, we worked together to identify the right wood for the task. When we came across the storm-damaged tree only a few miles away, we knew we'd found the perfect match.


The storm-damaged Yew Tree used to produce the STAG Deluxe Handcrafted Shaving Gift Set


The tree was plentiful with colour and character, vivid patterns and personality. Everything we had been looking for, it was a true constitution of British countryside and persona. A tale of British heritage, we were to transform and restore this once vigorous and sprightly glory into a mouthwatering shaving collection to sit proudly in your home, to refine your morning every day with this cut of English history.


So, What Next?


Action shot: The making of our Deluxe Handmade Shaving Gift Set in our UK workshop


Now we had our hands on the responsibly sourced raw material for the job, it was time to dust down the workshop. Gloves and goggles on, the Artisan begins turning his hand to a project that would achieve something spectacular and out of the ordinary.


Work in progress: One hour in to the making of the Shaving Bowl


We were to use carefully selected cuts from the tree we had chosen, so that every shaving piece in the gift set has its own colour and pattern, distinctive character and identity. No one piece could ever look the same; a beautiful consequence of chance of an Artisan process using real wood.


Each shaving piece is then to be individually handmade in our small workshop in England over the course of several days


Before and After: A part-completed and completed Shaving Bowl and Brush.


The results are truly magnificent with precision in every detail. 


Standing Out From The Crowd


By selecting our own real British hardwoods, sourced responsibly and locally to our workshop, we can tell you where your shaving set was born, lived and how it fell from grace. The entire story of its magnificence before being restored and brought back to life.