The New S2 "Grande"

March 12, 2019



Our new, deluxe, chrome polished Stainless Steel Shaving Razor is HERE!


The anticipation is over - introducing the S2 "Grande" Shaving Razor.


It's important to get every day off to the perfect start. With the all new Deluxe S2 "Grande" Shaving Razor, you'll become a morning person again. 


Get ready for the BEST shaving experience of your life and rejuvenate your morning routine!


Everlasting design; the S2 Grande contains only a handle and razor head. Our minimalist design means the razor will last you more than a lifetime.


The S2 Razor is crafted to exact specifications and precise detail. We've perfected razor handle ergonomics.


A design based on the Stag antler; the streamlined curve sits perfectly in your hand. The shape allows your fingers to wrap naturally around the razor handle meaning you're in complete control of your shave.


Prototype: Brass prototype in our Factory in England.



We've designed the Razor handle with an optimum weight that we believe is the perfect balance for a steady hand, this means a smoother shave through less razor "nicks".


We've further reduced the chance of "nicks" and slips through the addition of groove slits. Each groove sits at the top of the handle to collect water droplets when they first hit the razor head. This means less slippage and more control.  


Prototype: Brass S2 prototype stands tall in all its glory in the factory shop floor.


The brass prototype, pictured above and made using a different material to the finished product specification, was one of the first ever run offs of the S2 concept.