The New S2 "Grande"

March 12, 2019



Our new, deluxe, chrome polished Stainless Steel Shaving Razor is HERE!


The anticipation is over - introducing the S2 "Grande" Shaving Razor.


It's important to get every day off to the perfect start. With the all new Deluxe S2 "Grande" Shaving Razor, you'll become a morning person again. 


Get ready for the BEST shaving experience of your life and rejuvenate your morning routine!


Everlasting design; the S2 Grande contains only a handle and razor head. Our minimalist design means the razor will last you more than a lifetime.


The S2 Razor is crafted to exact specifications and precise detail. We've perfected razor handle ergonomics.


A design based on the Stag antler; the streamlined curve sits perfectly in your hand. The shape allows your fingers to wrap naturally around the razor handle meaning you're in complete control of your shave.