Introducing the STAG Beard Comb

July 31, 2019


Any man and his glorious beard will tell you that growing a spectacular facial bush is only half of the battle, maintaining that spectacular shrub of wonder is a whole other challenge.


But what does a good beard comb look like and what does it mean to be the best beard comb? We set out to ask the bearded public.




The Beard Comb has been around for centuries and is intended to help maintain, groom and shape the beard that you've worked so hard to grow to what is today. A good beard comb is an essential tool to a man's beard grooming routine, but how did we approach the challenge of creating the best beard comb on the market?




The overwhelming feedback from the bearded community, however, was that us men weren't getting the best from their beard combs.


We think that other beard combs are simply not beardworthy. We wanted to create the best Beard Comb on the market.


In fact, the overwhelming majority of the 100 beard comb owners that we surveyed complained that the beard comb had not evolved and in it's current form was no longer fit for purpose.


We found that, on average, beard owners were buying a new beard comb every year. This is because they would often break, split, snap or become unusable over a short period of time.


86% of those that we spoke to said that they would choose a beard comb that was better fit for purpose and would last longer over a cheaper alternative. We found that the cheap beard combs available on the market were thin, flimsy and were mass produced imports that simply didn't last very long.


Our research suggested today's Combs were a little bit hairy:

  • Uncomfortable and jerky combing experience, no grip.

  • Made from sheets of cheap fibreboard