How to use a Safety Razor

September 19, 2019

There is an art to every craft, and shaving with a classic Safety Razor is no different. We're going to show you the right way to do a traditional shave with a Double Edge Razor.




What is a Safety Razor?


The Safety Razor was the first home shaving tool. Before that, it was normal to visit your local barber for a shave as it was considered too dangerous to attempt to try and shave at home. Weird, huh?


The Safety Razor, or Double Edge Razor (name derived from the fact the razor uses a blade with two sharp edges, or, a "double edge razor blade"), began it's life at the beginning of the 20th century.


Since then, the art of shaving has been passed down by men from generation to generation, in the same way a Father would teach his Son how to iron a shirt or brush his teeth, knowing how to do a proper traditional shave was essential.


The Safety Razor in its purest form is a shaving razor with one single blade, the same single blade that your barber uses to get you the best, closest and most comfortable shave possible. 




So why don't I see Safety Razors in the shops?


If Classic Razors are so much better than disposables and cartridge razors, why don't we see them in the supermarkets? Why don't they have anchor pivot engineered rotation balls, aloe vera strips, five blade heads and supercalifragilistic transformer adverts?


Well, it's really quite simple - price.


A double edge razor blade can cost as little as 5p compared with the average cartridge price of £2.00. There's simply no markup for the single blade whereas cartridge razors are big, BIG business.


A sad indictment of consumerism, clever marketing and globalisation has helped drive people towards the world of disposables and cartridges.